Life is hard.

You might think that having experienced a certain type of setback, fate would cut you a little slack and leave you alone in that area. This kind of thinking is pure folly, however, because sometimes we’re nailed with a series of blows that just won’t quit.

We’re struggling here at the ITF office, as we’ve lost yet another intern. It’s a very difficult time. It never gets any easier. We’ve lost a lot of interns over the years, but Nate was unique, he was the best we’ve ever had.

And I know that we’re not the only ones hit hard with this tragedy, because through the webcam you’ve all come to love him as much as we have!

People ask, are you going to get another intern right away? At this point I just don’t know. I think we’re going to take some time, review our internship policy, and re-evaluate our goals and priorities before accepting a new intern. We’ll take a good hard look at our office environment, our inventory, and our aura quotient before taking any applications.

Speaking of the webcam, I’m not sure what’s to become of it. For now it will remain up with an image of Nate’s vacant office, as a memorial to his memory.

Your support during this difficult time is appreciated.

Update: Douglas raises an important point. Memorial contributions can be sent to the ITF office, marked “Nate the Intern Memorial Fund.” Paypal accepted. Funds will be used to buy something cool for the Editor to help him recover from this loss.