Still on the road and as sick as ever of driving. Especially of driving in the rain. Utopia’s infamy for precipitation makes less sense to me all the time, everywhere else I’ve been the rain is so much worse. Utopia has a gentle and loving mist of life, but everywhere else it seems to just come down in downpours and as a deluge of Biblical proportions.

But let’s not speak of those showers, let’s speak of the recent showers of blessings being bestowed upon me in the form of iced tea! Yes! I told my wife as we were nearing our destination deep in southern Virginny, I was ready for a bucketload of sweet southern iced tea!

Ask and ye shall receive!

Saturday afternoon at the wedding reception I was privileged to meet my online buddy Truthseeker in person for the first time. And I’ll tell you what, he proved to be a true and immediate friend. I owe him big time.

This reception being in southern Virginny, of course they served iced tea. And the weather was hot. Oh my, it was hot. The tea people had their hands full trying to keep the life-giving nectar in the guest’s glasses.

I was sitting at my table with an empty glass. Truthseeker grabbed a tea boy in the vicinity, pointed to me, and said, “Go give that man some iced tea before he dies!!”

Then later when we were done eating and things were winding down, he went and found a mostly-full pitcher of iced tea and set it right in front of me!

Friendship like that just warms your heart.