Met a lot of people last weekend, we had a good time. Visited Ag and her family, as I mentioned, met tall bass-singing Vern the new father, Truthseeker (as previously mentioned), Paul Yates over at Ten Cents’ Worth, Darrell over at, saw Joe and Crystal of course, the rest of the Goods, my buddy Benj, Josh, Annette, our wonderful friend Merry, Shari and Karen, By and Amy, and who else am I missing.

Speaking of deepbrew, he posted a pic from the wedding. Check out those glasses of iced tea!

And Truthseeker wasn’t the only one keeping me in the iced tea! Paul (who is Truthseeker’s son, by the way) got in on the act with him that Sunday afternoon during the potluck after church. They kept me supplied until the supply ran out!

Then we were at the Good’s house that afternoon, Benj and I were going over some music in the basement, and Ginger comes down with a large glass of tea and a small pitcher to refill it!

Wow. I had been so looking forward to the Good’s iced tea.

Saturday evening a bunch of people from the wedding were playing volleyball. I was hanging out with some of the guys outside, and I met a new bass singer dude. A handful of use were doing some singing, then me and By and Benj and Jeremy the new bass singer dude sang some tags. That was fun. I need to start singing again, I’m out of shape.

I whipped out the old cell phone once and recorded a tag with the voice memo feature. Somebody made a wisecrack, better watch out, he’ll have that up on Iced Tea Forever!