A lot has happened recently that I haven’t told you about. And actually it affects all ITF constituents.

I have resigned my position in the Den of Iniquity.

I’ll pause and let the enormity of that statement sink in.



If you’re at all like some ITF constituents who have learned this fact, you feel somewhat of a loss. I don’t blame you. What a rich treasure-trove of blog fodder!

This actually happened a couple of months ago. Here’s how the story goes.

As you know, my smart wife graduated from nursing school the end of April. Roughly about that whole month we had been in talks about a traveling nurse job offer. This job would have taken us to Indianapolis (pronounced Indiana-PO-liss) 3 days a week. It was a fantastic opportunity and we were very excited about it.

Indy would have been a long commute to the Den, so hence the resignation. I have a number of projects on the side that hadn’t been getting the due attention they deserved, so we decided that I would not try to get a job of some kind but would pursue those. Some website work, some studio work, etc.

Nothing official had been signed, but they told us (on several occasions) “You’re in, you’ve got the job.”

In fact I even alluded to the whole situation in a post. I thought I was creating some really nice foreshadowing there.

So I finally gave my notice to the Den, and on the appointed day I made the rounds to my friends and bade them farewell. Unlike the vast majority of departing employees, I left on very good terms with the company and plant management.

That was on a Wednesday. On Friday, the hospital people we were in talks with called and said, “Um, sorry, guess we don’t want you after all.”

I alluded to that too. So much for my planned foreshadowing.

So what to do then. No job for either of us. Kinda took the wind out of my sails, we were really looking forward to this.

You take one thing at a time, make one decision at a time and then deal with the results. I’m sure I could have gotten my job at the Den back, but I decided that I had taken this fork in the road and I was going to follow it. We were going to press on ahead and see where we landed.

Top priority was a nursing job for my wife. We needed to stay flexible for that, so I wasn’t going to try to find employment right then. We were pursuing several area hospitals, and finally in the next several weeks she landed an RN job at Goshen where she had been working part time as an aide for the last several years.

And she doesn’t want me back in the Den, so here I still am!

Mr. ITF is a self-employed stay-at-home husband! I did the laundry last week and the dishes this morning.

And that is the story of recent life events.