It’s no secret that Interent Explorer handles Cascading Style Sheet code in a less-than-ideal manner. The CSS gurus have been harping on Microsoft for years to please make IE play according to more standardized rules. I’m not up on IE 7, so maybe that’s an exception (doubtful), but MS has been less than acquiescing to the guru’s pleas.

Here’s an example of some ridiculous IE behavior. When rendering a list, IE stupidly renders the space in the code as space in the layout. Give me a break. You have to run the html code together (no line breaks) to get rid of it.

That’s not necessarily a CSS issue per se, but they’re usually of a similar vein. As I recall from previous research, IE just doesn’t get the CSS box model right. And that’s foundational. Why would they do that?

So please everybody let’s just use Firefox.