So I wanted to document these horrible Hoosierville winters, and what do you know. The first full day of the webcam is the nicest day in recent memory! It’s 52.5 degrees!

Wow. It’s nice. I would like a way to show the temp also, but I haven’t thought of a good one yet. I have this wonderful digital wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer we received as a wedding gift, I wish I could put that in part of the webcam shot or something.

I had some problems with the massive huge expensive software suite (that’s sarcasm) I’m using for this project, so I increased the webcam update time. It seems to have taken care of the problem. So now there’s a new image every five minutes or so or something like that, I forget exactly. Oh yes, I wanted to mention. I’m open for donations towards a higher-rez webcam, this one is the five-dollar variety. As if you couldn’t tell.

It won’t always be on the backyard, there are some other wonderful things I have in mind for it.

Iced Tea Forever Webcam