Thanks for the comments, and good ideas about the link colors, I darkened them up a bit. Now if I could only figure out how I want the header. I don’t even have a clue right now, so that might be a while. Probably as long as the old site’s graphic design was taking.

I made the move last Sunday afternoon. I posted to blogger, and lo and behold it spit back an authentication error and refused to publish.

I think it could sense its impending demise. Somehow it knew it was getting the boot and decided to throw one last fit.

I waited and waited, usually those dumb errors just go away. But this one held on for two days! Stupid stupid. I finally just created a new ftp user and then it went right through. Dumb dumb. It had been using the original user account for over and year, I don’t know why it thought it had to have a new one for its last post.

But those days are now over.

I reminded myself, ITF is just over a year old! I knew it was sometime in Feb., but by the time I checked the actual date was already past. Still could throw a party though I guess.