Back on Monday:

Didn’t quite make that lofty goal of bedtime by 6 p.m. Made it by about 9 instead. Up at midnight, left by shortly after one for the long drive to Indianapolis (pronounced Indiana-POLE-iss). Actually the drive went really well, clear dry roads and no traffic. I think we made it in just under 3 hours.

At the airport early Tuesday morning:

Now we’re experiencing the joys of sitting around in the airport. What a drag. And my laptop battrey is shot so I can’t use it unless I’m sitting next to an electrical outlet, and that can be a difficult proposition on these kinds of trips.

I think when we get to Chicago maybe I’ll buy the new Grisham novel that just came out in paperback.

Much later:

And so I did. I bought The Broker in paperback, and I got a good start on it during the flight. Great book so far.

Fairly uneventful flight, really long and cramped though. Finally arrived in Portland where Mom and Dad and Jean and Cody met us. We waited an hour or so for my brother Mark to fly in, then we went to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. What a great restaurant! It’s a soup and salad buffet, I had never heard of it before.

Then we went home and started in with the family get-togethers. I went to bed early, that was just too long of a day.