Well, I was right, it was a long day but we survived. My wife and Anita drove all the way home while I slept. I was wasted. We arrived after 2 a.m.

We saw lots of Utopian friends and relatives, that was nice. At the beginning of the reception the top three-fourths of AHQ realized they were present and that they knew a love song as a trio. So come open mic, we marched up and warbled away on “Battleship of Love.” That was fun.

My wife and I served as servers at the reception. We were to quickly eat at the beginning, and as I sat down at a table this dude across from me said something to the effect of “Well if it isn’t Mr. Iced Tea Forever!” I of course had no clue who he was, but quickly found out it was Eugene Friesen. We had emailed before and I had been to his blog, so it was nice to make the personal acquaintance. And don’t forget, Eugene, you need to email me that link!

I will say, however, that I’m beginning to have a bone to pick with my good buddy Hans. Eugene admitted that he didn’t come around to ITF as much anymore, instead choosing to spend his time at MennoDiscuss!! Oh the disgrace!! This cannot go unrectified! I’m about to declare a full-scale assault on MD. I’m formulating a post addressing this issue head-on, look for an upcoming official recommendation from ITF.

David and Beth were the duet vocalists at the wedding and Abigail and Rachel played piano and flute. Very nice, they did a great job. Of special mention was “The Rose.” It can be pretty tricky to come up with really good duet harmony, but they knocked this one out of the park. Wow. They did some great stack changes and lead swaps and a few other things that really made this one a joy to behold.

Anyway, I’m still beat. And this week at the Den of Iniquity is looking even worse than the last. Who knows when you’ll hear from me next, but never forget that you’re in my constant thoughts and benevolent wishes.