Tonight I received an email from my sister LeAnn, along with a picture from many years ago. She found it in a scrapbook and commented that it was an “obviously very exciting game of chess!”

I’m the skinny chump on the right, that’s Tyler in the middle facing the camera with the big eyes and thrilled look! The other two boys are my nephews Craig and Eric (LeAnn’s sons), now they’re both maybe, oh, about twice my height.

I don’t remember this particular time, but I’d give a lot to play that game of chess again.

LeAnn also mentioned that today she was finally able to write a blog post about Tyler. I could hardly read it through the tears, yet I couldn’t do anything else either until I had slowly and thoroughly gone over it twice. She wrote a very touching, moving tribute to a nephew she loved, complete with some great stories and anecdotes from Tyler’s life.