On my way to he dentist. I did it, dook boh at once. Man, they seem ed to hit pretty fast. i’m kindsa loosey-goosey feeling, can’t relly hold still very well. It is a pretty nice felling, I must say though. We’ll see what happens in there, there sposed to really come into their own in an hours or so, it’s mbeen maybe 20 minutes since I took them. I am happy, ifeel calmy at peace with everybody. And happy. But still steady as a rock, incomplete controal of my fackalties.


I jogged out to the car and masterfully drove the short distance to the dentist’s office. We traded a few wisecracks and he started in on his tortures.

When it had come to pass, Dent (you call your doctor “doc,” I decided you can call your dentist “dent”) told me, he says, “You were snoring there for a bit.”

His assistant agreed. Interesting. I remember being pretty tired but I never thought I slept. Dent thought I was out for up to half an hour.

That stuff hit fast, but it left quick too. I think next time I’ll two valium and one halcion.

PS Not sure what was up with all the typos, I’m usually pretty well on top of that kind of stuff.