WARNING: Reader discretion advised (crude, juvenile language).

As faithful constituents will recall, I am employed in a den of iniquity. The RV industry has been in the tank the last while, and in early June or somewheres around there we were notified that our plant was shutting down.

Coachmen consolidated 3 plants down to 2, so the vast majority of our work force was split between two other plants. I was moved to Plant 900, about 5 miles north of Middlebury. Their productivity was pretty bad, so they moved a bunch of us there and now are ramping up our production schedule.

So I have a new plant manager. This guy is a joker, he can’t go very long without tossing out a wisecrack. I went in to talk to him (before I moved there) about some extra time off for the wedding.

“You’re getting married !!” Head in his hands, moan. “You fool! No, seriously, congratulations. But then you have kids! See these pictures (he shows me a picture of two little girls), now they’re 16 and 17! I liked them a lot better when they were little!! No, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.”

Then when I came back to work I ran into him on the floor and he asked how everything went and how we were. I told him just great! He says, “You still like each other?” I said oh yeah. He replied “Yeah well I’ll ask you again in twenty years!”

A day or two later he walked by me and said “What’s up you old married fart.”