So we went in to the courthouse yesterday to get our marriage license. Yes, five days before the wedding. I didn’t know they interrogated you so fiercely. Lotso questions. Where was my Dad born ! How should I know!

So I made an excellent guess. Confidently. I didn’t figure they needed to know that I was just making an intelligent surmisation.

But the question that cracked me up was something else. It was along the lines of “Are you now under the influence of drugs or alcohol?”

Ha ha! I could hardly keep a straight face. No, I wasn’t, thanks for asking.

So anyway, obviously ITF has slowed the pace in recent days. And it shall continue to be so for awhile yet. I’m sorry about that, I know how upset it makes you, but that’s just the way it is. There have been a number of blogworthy occurrences lately, there just hasn’t been the time to give you the benefit of them. But ITF will be back in full swing before you know it.

And just think of the overhaul and upgrades occurring at ITF headquarters. After this weekend, ITF Editor will be a married man! ITF will have gained an Executive Director!