Ordered my new studio sound card today! An ESI WamiRack 192L. Pretty sweet little piece of equipment. I was planning on eventually upgrading to something like this, but with a new recording project coming into the studio I needed to do it now. So that worked out good.

Tomorrow is my first official gig with Vocal Witness. We’re singing at the Haiti Benefit Auction Friday night at 7 (I think) in Shipshewana. Any ITF constituents there make sure you say hi.

This morning I was listening to the local news radio station. The dude was talking about the number of executions in Hoosierville this year and he said something to the effect of “Already this year three inmates have met their Maker.”

It just sounded funny hearing a formal announcer talk like that during a serious newscast. It came across pretty flippant-sounding.

ITF ranks second and third on Google for “poetic masterpiece,” and we’re number 1 on Yay-hoo. That makes me laugh.