First of all, listen to an AHQ song from the past. We used to sing Jesus Hold My Hand (608KB, this is just the third verse and chorus) fairly often, we never recorded it though. This is a live cut from a concert we did at East Fairvew Mennonite in Milford, NE, sometime in ’03 I think.

The following is one of my favorite AHQ stories. I’ve told it on stage a time or two, and it goes over good. Probably because it involves a tenor and everybody loves funny tenor stories!

One time years ago AHQ was on the road in Colorado. We were singing at a small church in the evening, and we got there sometime in the afternoon. I forget exactly how it was, but somebody from the church let us in and then left or it was already unlocked or something. So no one from the church was there. We set up some recordings on a table in the foyer and went down in the basement to warm up and practice a little bit.

We weren’t there completely by ourselves. Konrad’s brother and another friend of ours had come with us and were sitting in the back of the auditorium, out of sight from the foyer. An elderly couple arrives early and walks in to the foyer, not seeing our people in the auditorium and unaware they could be heard. They start looking at the tapes and CD’s we had set up.

This was a small church, and they could hear us singing down in the basement. We were singing Jesus Hold My Hand and By was way up high doing his thing. They start discussing among themselves (referring to a CD), well, is this the group that’s here tonight? It can’t be, there’s a girl in the group downstairs!