Got me some culture! I went to class with Jewel tonight, for the first hour anyway. Her Appreciation of Fine Arts teacher is a young Romanian opera singer, and tonight he gave a little recital. She had asked if I could come. He’s a pretty good tenor.

He talked about head voice and falsetto a little bit, I would have like to discuss it with him as I have also done some study in the area. It reminded me of when I used to take voice lessons from an opera singer. Made me want to do it again.

The class talked too much.

There was a professional-looking middle aged black man sitting in front of me. At the beginning of class he took a bottle of Pibb Xtra and dumped a pack of peanuts in it. Man it looked disgusting.

Some other people saw it and asked what in the world he was doing. He said it was a Mississippi tradition. You could eat and drink at once. The field hands didn’t used to have much time to eat.